Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gratifying Guest Stars:

Over the last couple of months, my go to comedy has been re-runs of Fraiser. I didn't watch much of the NBC sit-com when it first aired, but am loving getting caught up with On-Demand. Last week, I caught a season 9 episode entitled Junior Agent, and in addition to enjoying guest stars Harriet Sansom Harris and Kristin Chenoweth, I fell quickly in lust with guest actor Chris Berg who was playing rival radio talk show host Dr. Zach.

The show wisely got the former Fargo South quarterback shirtless and in a towel for one of the episodes final scenes. Berg moved from the football field to acting in 2000 with his Fraiser episode being his first professional job. Despite his talent and great looks, Chris didn't have much luck in Hollywood with a few other TV guest spots (playing Handsome Guy on Will & Grace) and wearing a dark green mask in the Monica Lewinsky hosted Fox reality show Mr. Personality.

Although he became a finalist, Berg has no good memories of his time on the show and in part, it may have been one of the reasons he returned home to Fargo. Today, Berg is a successful television host and moderator on Valley News Live's politically charged show, '6:30 Point of View.' Although acting didn't lead to a long career, that gorgeous face is still in front of the camera, and a large local audience.

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