Saturday, January 21, 2017

Tommy in the Tub by Chris A Freeman

'Tommy loved being naked and had wonderful command of a million facial expressions.'

Last month I profiled photographer Chris A. Freeman and his work with model Tommy Hemps. I loved Chris' images, and the beautifully senuous and sultry way Tommy interacted with the camera lens. In that first piece, (Intricate Irrelevance:) I left out this series of images, taken right after the window shots featured in the story last month.

It was actually these shots of Tommy in the tub that had me reaching out to Chris to feature their work together. As sensuous and sexy as Tommy was out of the tub, as the hot water gushes over his body, it seems to erotically charge him even further.

'After shooting several shots in front of a window, we moved into the shower and he literally turned to fire. His face went wild with sensuosity and the shot of him humping the side of the bath-tub is nothing short of electric. This shoot could have gone on for ever, but we both had commitments, so, it sadly had to end.'

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