Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Look Back: Lights, Camera, Relationship

Sex and the City
Lights, Camera, Relationship
Episode 5, Season 6 (2003)

If you regularly check out FH, you undoubted remember some of my previous posts featuring Entertain Me's Michael, a fellow blogger, writer and model. With his modeling, Michael has bared his personality, and his sumptuous body and aach day on his site, Michael bares his thoughts and musings on the entertainment industry, and much much more.

One of my favorite parts of Entertain Me is, not surprisingly, one of Michael's regular features, 'Sunday Schwing,' a salute to some of Hollywood's hottest hunks. FH has be fortunate to have stimulated a a few Sunday subjects, including a recent piece Michael did on actor Jason Lewis. Within the story, Michael linked back to a 2009 post I did featuring Jason and his role of 'Smith' Jerrod on Sex & The City. (HERE:)

I had forgotten how hot Jason was with his longer hair during his first season on the show. It also confirmed for me why I don't just focus on the man, or body, of the moment. These caps, from an early season six episode, Lights, Camera, Relationship, have me looking forward to finding and re-watching the episode once again!

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