Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Too Many Cooks! Franky by Brett Kiellerop

'Franky and Kev were fascinating guys. They are good mates, both from France and travelling together. They were wild! Mischievous, fun, and wildly inappropriate... they certainly kept me on my toes.'

I can't believe it took me so long to follow-up last summer's piece, The Joy of SeXy. Poor Franky has probably been back of the kitchen peeling potatoes just waiting.... It's time to bring Franky out into the sunlight and onto the beach.!

Many of you might remember the great story and images behind Wellington photographer Brett Kiellerop's images of Kev from the first piece. Kev and his buddy Franky were both chefs, who took some time out of the kitchen, to back pack their way through Australia. They did it pretty much without any cash, instead, taking any odd jobs they could find along the way which would take them to their next stop on the road.

One of those odd jobs, came after answering ad Brett had put out looking for nude models. Neither young chef had ever modeled before, let alone without clothing, but that adventurous nature that took them on the road, spurred them on to set up shoots with Brett. Given Franky's inexperience, Brett shot him doing what came naturally to him, while hanging out on the beach.

'Franky liked to do parkour, and we managed to get a couple of shots of him in the air... it was good experience for me :) He was always willing to try anything.'

Brett's images of both Kev and Franky beautifully exemplify why I so love featuring models, not in the modeling industry. Although Brett has certainly shot his fair share of professional models, like his work with Allen Lovell, (HERE:) Brett always manages to find great sexy, fun and adventurous young models wanting to not make a little extra money, but do so taking a risk and taking on a unique and exciting new experience.

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