Friday, February 10, 2017

Back to Ben by Karl Royce

'Ben is a totally unassuming guy who really doesn't get what the fascination of him is about?'

Ben may wonder what the fascination is, but lovers of images featuring the male form, know exactly what it is. Ben's rock hard, and beautifully sculpted body, steely hazel eyes, not to mention his 'not giving a shit' attitude about naked and enjoyed, are just some of the reason I was hooked the first time I saw Ben's images. His incredible ass helped quickly seal an already done deal.

The first images I saw of Ben came from London based photographer Karl Royce. It was almost exactly three years ago, and Karl and I were going back and forth on a subjects for a first feature to showcase his work. We ended up using Karl's images of Ben in a 2014 Valentine's post entitled, The Chair.

'The first time I met and shot with Ben a few years ago I was struck by not his obvious incredible physique but by those amazing almost cat like eyes! We chatted before hand to discuss the type of images I was aiming for and it became apparent that not only was he very knowledgeable about photography being a photographer himself but that he is totally unassuming guy who really doesn't get what the fascination of him is about?.'

After featuring that first shoot, it makes sense then, that I often return to Karl's images, especially when his work, and his models, are as spectacular as Ben. As a painter, Karl has been trained to pay attention to every inch of the canvas, and the same philosophy comes into play with his photography. His job is made much easier when he has a model like Ben who so easily, fills so much space with both his physique, and the strength he exudes in front of the lens. Ben is no shrinking violet!

'A model that is so easy to work with and strives to give you what your after no matter what concept you have planned which is one of the reasons that I`ve worked with him numerous times and will continue to., he`s also very funny and quick witted making each collaboration a total joy.'

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