Friday, February 10, 2017


Easy Elizabeth! You're putting make-up on a star, not suntan lotion on some slut during spring break.

Sorry Dude. You have pours like gopher holes.

That'll be all Elizabeth.

Can you call me Dave... my dad's in the audience.

Elizabeth Sr's here! I can't wait to meet him.

Kiss & Tell (2005)

When I first heard that Will & Grace might be coming back for a 10 episode run, I wondered about Elizabeth. You remember Elizabeth, aka straghtie, aka Dave. I was recently watching season 8 of the series and loved actor Mathew Botuchis as Dave at the TV Station. I was never a huge fan of Jack, but during his brief stint hosting 'Jack Talk' on the all gay network, his interactions with his openly hetro assistant were hilarious.

Mathew's first Hollywood gig was along side Betty White and Marie Osmond in the short lived 90's sit-com, Maybe It's time. Mathew worked steadily until gaining his first taste at pre-teen fame in 1998's 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain. I always thought a spin-off with Jack, and the adorable Mathew as Dave, could have been prime for plenty of laughs.

Jack & Dave

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