Friday, February 17, 2017

Man About The House: Austin by Gordon Nebeker

Most home owners set up boundaries and rules, especially if they have children. Many of us grew up hearing our mothers telling us to take our feet off the couch, or our fathers telling us that butts don't belong on kitchen counters. We heard endless lectures about how hard they worked to to buy the furniture, and we would understand when we got older and had to pay for things ourselves.

Although there's a place for rules, when the body laying so elegantly on that furniture is model Austin Wild, and the furniture is located in a luxurious Mexican vacation home, I say those rules should be beautifully bent. Earlier this month, I profiled Gordon Nebeker's Mexico shoot with Austin. In that first piece, True Paradise, the focus was on Gordon's shots of Austin outside in the pool and on the grounds of the property.

Gordon sent on so many incredible shots, I saved these shots of Austin inside, to post separately. I have told Gordon a few times, that I think he really needs to put a book together featuring the many models that he has shot spread so erotically over couches, chairs and coffee tables. I have seen many artists shoot models posed on furniture, but none as uniquely exceptional as Gordon's images.

Naked bodies and furniture aren't necessarily two things that always blend together naturally. Often images which weave the two together look overly posed and staged. In Gordon's captures, those naked bodies never looked place, but instead a natural addition to whatever they posing on or with. It is as if the furniture was made for them, instead of something they are utilizing wrongly. If you look at the two images above, you can almost imagine the designer created the chair specifically to best show off Austin's spectacular body.

A reminder that if you're lucky enough to be in the Fort Lauderdale area this week, Gordon's PHOTO EXHIBITION opens tonight at the Broward Art Guild.  The exhibition, which features Gordon's journey to Lake Powell, as well as other recent words, including his work with Austin, runs through February 24th.  Although Austin won't be there, I hear there are a couple models, previously profiled on FH, who will be tending bar at tonight's opening reception!

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