Sunday, March 12, 2017

Back to Billy

Every time I catch a piece of 1988's Mystic Pizza on TV, I end up doing a post. I love the 80's romantic comedy and all of it's male co-stars. My last viewing was a few years ago which led to a 2013 post about actor Adam Storke. (HERE:) Storke, along with Vincent D'Onofrio and William R. Moses played the romantic interests of leads Annabeth Gish, Lili Taylor and Julia Roberts.

Below: with Annabeth Gish in Mystic Pizza (1988)

This past viewing, my old crush on William (Billy) R. Moses was reignited. I have been watching William on TV since I was a kid on shows like Falcon Crest and Melrose Place through Perry Mason and his speedo wearing days on Battle of the Network Stars. William continues to be a busy actor with recent appearances on Homeland, Mad Men, Grey's Anatomy and a small role in last seasons American Horror Story.

Below:William with Falcon Crest parents Susan Sullivan and Robert Foxworth

I have feature William previous in my Blast From The Past section, (HERE:) and tried to find some new images and new material for this piece. I especially enjoyed looking through the old Battle 'speedo parades', check out the video below.

William with Perry Mason co-stars Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale

Fantasy Island (1981)

With Rue McClanahan and Al Molinaro

Battle of the Network Stars

Speedo parade along with John James, Michael J. Fox. Richard Dean Anderson and more 80's TV hunks

Battle Bros Peter Barton and Scott Baio


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