Wednesday, March 8, 2017

DeNude: Logan Trace by Fred Sugar

DeNude: To strip of all covering or surface layers, make bare

As most FH readers are aware, when I feature a photo shoot, although my interest may begin with an image, I am also curious about story and process. Some photographers and models prefer to share on the edited final shots, and maybe a word or about concept. Other photographers, like Dallas based Fred Sugar, process and final images are one in the same.

The first image of Logan Trace that I saw wasn't a full nude, he was still wearing his Dolce & Gabbana grey undies. I loved Logan's adorable face with his great lips and puppy dog eyes. I also loved those grey undies, and the mix matched socks he wore to the shoot. I often describe some photographers that I feature as 'traveling photographers'. Artists, most without a home studio, who do most of their shooting on the road, in hotels and motels or on location.

Without their own studio, sometimes big set-ups and elaborate concepts are restricted to what you can put in your suitcase. This often leads to a greater focus on not just the model, but the process. This often means the shoot starts the moment the model in is in the door, and often includes their undressing as the shoot begins, and redressing, when the shoot is complete.

I know for many studio shoots, especially for some editorial or commercial shoots, there is a dressing room, or curtain off to the side for models to use. Although that may be seen as more professional, and add a level of comfort for the model, if the expectation is that the model then come out completely naked, to be then groomed, made up and shot, it's a bit of a paradox.

Fred describes Logan as a young, bi-curious guy who when they met up was stripping to makes meat. For a stripper, removing their clothing is a major piece of their act, some might say the most important part. I loved that Fred captured the stripper stripping as although Fred sent on quite a few shots, my favorites were of Logan in the process of denuding for the shoot.

'Logan came in vaping, dressed warmly for the cold weather, and we went right into it. He enjoyed being in front of the camera, not a touch of shyness at all.'

Off with the grey, on with the blue!

Fred Sugar on Instagram and ModelMayhem

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