Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Matt Oberg: Adulterated

Last year, I gave The Real O'Neals a try for two specific reasons. First, it was a sit-com focused on a gay teen coming out in a devoted Catholic family. Second, it featured one of my childhood crushes Jay R. Ferguson, now, old enough to play the dad. As you can see from Jay R's shirtless scene from last night's episode, he still has an intensely crusable quality. If you need further proof, check out my Actors & Skin posts featuring Jay R. from last year. (That Face / That Body)

I didn't initially however, really get into the show. Although Jay R. and the supporting cast kept me watching, the young actor playing gay teen Kenny, although immensely talented, was a little too hammy, often written as more annoying than enjoyable, especially in some of the shows early episodes. Thankfully, the writers seem to have gotten a better balance in this season with more story for Kenny's interesting brother and sister, and more of a focus on the adults.

As part of that adult focus, actor and writer Matt Oberg was added as a regular playing the man between the separated Pat (Jay R.) and Eileen. (Martha Plimpton). Although Plimpton has a tendency to sometimes catch that 'ham' bug herself, her talent and experience allow her to pull it off, especially in her scenes with Oberg.

Oberg is absolutely adorable as VP Murray and has added an adult dynamic the show really needed. In many ways, as goofy as his character his, he often grounds the show given the character is not an actual member of the the family. Sadly, it looks like VP Murray might be looking for a transfer as Oberg was recently cast in Carol Burnett's return to television in the new show Household Name. Hopefully The Real O'Neals will work around Oberg's schedule, as he has become an important part of the show this season.

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