Thursday, March 16, 2017

Shenanagans: Alex by New Manhattan Studios

'Let The Shenanagans Begin!'

Yes, spell checker might correct the word to shenanigans, but if it's St Patrick's Day, and you happen to be a sizzling hot leprechaun, all of your manky deeds of the day are best described as shenanagans with a 'a', not an 'i'. Last St. Paddy's day, we celebrated with New Manhattan Studios emerald laced shot of Alex Corso as Los Colombian Leprechaun.

After a bit of bugging, (not too much) Wes went back to the shoot to edit a few new shots to celebrate this years holiday full of shenanagans and malarkey. Although Colombian, Alex certainly possesses the luck of the Irish with regards to his career. Not only is he one sexy and jammy Leprechaun in front of the camera, he also spends his work days surrounded by gorgeous men in the studio as a PA and photographer for the studio.

Psst....A little troll, (not a leprechaun, they don't spread gossip) recently told me that NMS is moving to new digs. Hopefully soon we can see the results of Alex's hard work in his new surroundings. Hopefully we'll also see more fellow leprechaun's that Alex assists and photographs. (Not to mention his job related duty applying make-up to their pots of gold.)

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