Monday, March 27, 2017

Tierry Vilson's Universe

I don't know much about model Tierry Vilson except that he's Portuguese and that initial model agency contract was AModelMgmt located in Mexico. Tierry's Instagram is private, his Twitter basically inactive.

So why I am profiling Tierry, good question. As most of you know I saw that my interest in a model or artist usually begins with one image. In Tierry's case, it was an image of him on the runway during a fashion show. Tierry's fashion was a skimpy white jockstrap which looked a little pinkish in the light. The only other 'fashion' he was wearing was a large black art piece on his shoulder, strapped around his chest. Further investigation has me sure the art piece is a snake slithering down a tree.

The image intrigued me as it reminded me of something a female model might be wearing in a Victoria's Secret show. I always thought it would be great to see a male version of that show with male models in wings and headpieces. After much research I found that there is a show that actually does this. The image of Tierry was from the 2012 Bench Universe denim and underwear show. The show, which I think took place in the Philippines, featured both male and female models in both their denim and underwear and various props and headpieces added to increase the drama of the event.

The most active site for info and video of Tierry ended up being Youtube, which includes clips not only of his modeling, but also his appearances on reality TV including Portugal's Secret Story, which is based on Big Brother. It was through this show, I was able to find a 'mini' bio on the shows wiki page.

'Tierry Vilson is 23 and comes from Praia Grande, Sintra. He is an international model. He spends hours in the gym and has a great care in maintaining a healthy mind and a healthy body. He practices capoeira and is accomplished to turn somersaults. He is very competitive and does not like losing. He likes that people talk about him, no matter what. He entered on Day 1 and left on Day 37.'

Although I wasn't able to learn a whole lot about Tierry, I thought you all might like a sneak peak at the set of shots from the Bench Universe Show that initially caught my eye...

Bench Universe Denim & Underwear Show (2012)

Most images from the Bench Universe Fashion show by Bruce Casanova (See more HERE:)

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