Monday, March 27, 2017

Burning Soul

'Eleven men, eleven dancers, in a permanent state of nudity that underlines the diversity of their bodies and origins, throwing themselves, body and soul, into Anima Ardens.'

It wasn't just the site of 11 naked dancers that had me wanting to feature these images from Anima Ardens, (Burning Soul) it was the visual beauty of the men together, both on stage, and in photographs that had me wanting to find out more. One of things that I found out, was that one of the dancers was recently featured on FH. Curious as if anyone an spot him with out a search. Choreographed by Thierry Smits, Anima Ardens premiered last fall at Compagnie Thor in Brussels.

'Their dance will crescendo to the limits of trance practices, to a modified state of their bodies. Their goal is to reach a collective intense emotional climax, a poetic fury that will lead to a space of freedom: a place where even the spectator would breathe more freely, would let go and liberate himself from the weight of the present. Those men, those dancers, have been chosen deliberately by Thierry Smits; not for their technical virtuosity, but because they are all gifted with the feel for motion exploration which is at the centre of this production. They come from Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, France and United Kingdom.'

If you want to see more, there are a few more documentary and news videos surrounding the production on Youtube.

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Anonymous said...

If only every country allowed artistic frontal male nudity on prime-time news... Oh, to live in Europe!