Sunday, March 19, 2017

Warrior: Daniel Jensen by Damien Manspeaker

'That's when I saw the potential I had. I started doing more photo shoots with him and then a talent agent found me.'

The 'him' in the quote above is artist and photographer Damien Manspeaker, and it was Damien's images of Daniel that helped draw the 21 year old model so much positive attention when they were first on social media. My interview with Daniel earlier in the month (Adrenaline Seeker) also gained a bit of attention, in large part due to Damien's work. Damien says that he grew up surrounded by art, music skateboarding and experimenting with creativity on many levels. This resulted in not only his work as an artist, but also his performing, (and photographing)with the Grammy Nominated band Green Jello which has led to Damien touring with the band throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and the UK.

'I took what inspired me and continued to experiment. I tried stop motion animation and explored editing and compositing. In the end, I went everywhere with my camera and still do. Set photography and documenting the creative process means a lot to me. It really feels so inspiring. Id love to make people happy with my art and photography. I love documenting life and people in general and it is one of my favorite forms.'

Damien's captures of Jensen are not only visually breathtaking, they also absorb the energy and excitement of the moment... just barely contained by the restraints of a photograph. Damien's images are also personal, reflecting his belief that as an artist, one of his goals is to capture the moments that mean the most to people. Damien is also a friend of Daniel's and thus, have both shared experiences and passions.

With Daniel's incredible body and look, it is no wonder so many photographers want to photograph him. Knowing Daniel however, makes Damien keenly aware of how Daniel likes to use his body to push boundaries and his own physical limits. This was certainly the case with this shoot which began while Damien was just hanging out at Daniel's home. Daniel asked him to look inside a box that he had, and inside, it was completely filled with the weapons of a ninja warrior. The two friends began playing and doing ninja stunts and the results, this incredible set of images.

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