Friday, April 7, 2017

An Alluring Repellent

It's a bad obsession
It's always messin'
It's always messin' my mind

On about 363 days of the year... if you were to ask me what I thought of Saul Hudson, I wouldn't really have a lot to say. I mean I like many of Guns N's Roses songs, but Saul (Slash) and the group were never at the top of any of my lists. but... if on the other two days of the year... well, lets just say my answer would be different.

Below: A young Slash, rocking and looking great with short hair.

So... it's one of those two days and when the image of Saul above, popped up on a tumblr site I was doing research on. The dirty/sexy push and pull for a 80's hard rocking guitarist had me Saulivating. Behind his head of curls, Saul has a striking face, and I am not sure how he has managed to keep that incredible stomach of his.

If you check out the last image below, Saul also has a surprisingly tight ass.  Possibly kept so tight by being bound for so many years in all that tight black leather.,,

Rocking the pube revealing cleavage.

'If a band mate cums on your leg, it isn’t really gay — as long as you’re boffing the same girl. Even if you are wearing black nail polish.'


Pectease said...

Slash was cute with long hair and even cuter with short. Never seen that picture with the woman taking a chunk out of his ass. I don't know how to feel about it yet. 😏😒

TyeBriggs said...

I think it's his ex-wife if that helps :)

It's from his autobiography.