Friday, April 7, 2017

Higher Learning

'I’m not sure you feel about tumescence…'

Tumescence? Tumescence? As an adult gay male who has a blog dedicated to the male form, I should know that word...shouldn't I? Well, I didn't. When photographer Richard Rothstein recently asked me my feelings on the subject, he had me a googling. Now first off, Richard wasn't just striking up a casual Sunday afternoon discussion. Richard had just sent on a series of images from his recent shoot with Tyler in NYC's East Village.

Richard has sent me tons of images from many shoots over the years, and in Richard's case, I equally look forward to the words that accompany them. Richard's images are always incredible, but also visually brimming with light color and detail, much like the city in which serves as Richard's studio. The same degree of detail is often weaved within his words. Richard's brings more to his city safari's than just skill and a camera. Much like Richard's tumescence lesson for me, he's also open to challenges, and new ways to look at the profession and passion he has devoted so much of his life to.

The images included here are a few teasers and behind the scenes shots of Richard's work with Tyler. Richard's words about the shoot told a complete story, a personal story I didn't want to muddle. It's theme, is one I have thought and fought, a few times myself, when viewing and choosing images for pieces for the site. It had me thinking, and googling more than just the definition of 'tumescence.

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