Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blast From the Past: Laurence Lau

I was a little young to remember actor Laurence Lau on All My Children, but his character Greg's romance with Jenny was one of the most popular super couples during the early 80's. I do however remember coming home from school in the late 80's, making a peanut butter sandwich, and watching Another World with my mother. Laurence was playing Jamie Frame at the time and dealing with Vicky Hudson in the form of rising star Anne Heche.

Lau was replaced by Russell Todd in 1990, but I remember thinking how cute he was at the time. I don't remember Lau showing much skin on AW, but when I recently came upon an old speedo' shot of Laurence, thought it time to he made a FH appearance. Although rare today, soap stars from the 80's were often shot in a speedo for a shoot. Soaps here huge in the 80's and there were dozens of magazines promoting the shows and their stars.

All My Children

Laurence with Kim Delaney and Darnell William

Most of these magazines, like the soaps they covered, have long ended, but thanks to the net, their content is still available. I wish there was a central site that published images of celebrities from the 80's and 90's, but I did manage to find a few of my old 'haunts' that had a few more shirtless and speedo shots of Laurence.

Recent shot of Laurence

80's Soap Hunk requisite Speedo shoot

Laurence rockin the short short animal print on Happy Days (1981)

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