Saturday, May 6, 2017

Washed Ashore by Richard Rothstein

'Our goal is take the viewer far beyond nudes and erections, far beyond 'penis.'

Early last month, I featured the first part of photographer Richard Rothstein's recent work with Tyler. In addition to the the images, Richard also shared his process and goal to capture images that spark a change, and move the way that the aroused penis is so often captured and viewed. In some ways, this final series of shots is a beautifully transformation ending, but in a way, it is also a birth, a beginning.

Richard's images of Tyler emerging from the ocean, rising out of the water and out of his flight suit is very much like a moulting, the shedding of not only clothing, but previously preconceived ideas and notions connected to male sexuality and the physical process of messages from the brain, moving down the body to stimulating blood flow into the nerves and muscles within the penis. Tyler's ascension from the water beautifully symbolizes the themes in Richard's series.

Tyler and I are working to create something truly beautiful and transcendent, demonstrating that the male nude can depict the penis in various stages of arousal in a way that is artistic and transcends “pornography.” We’re collaborating to tell a story, to share emotions and show beauty. Our goal is take the viewer far beyond nudes and erections, far beyond “penis.”

My hope is that what we’re sharing is art, art that takes authentic queer sexuality and depicts it as an extraordinarily beautiful, art that expresses freedom, our true nature and tells a story that has many dimensions, not just a sexual one.

The goal is to bring queer sexuality into a public forum, not hidden in a hotel room or behind closed doors. I intend it to be provocative as well by bringing authentic queer sexuality into the real world, in this case on Coney Island. This is a story we will continue to tell in other public places, challenging the heteronormative bias that the aroused and potent queer man is to be hidden, censored and confined.

I had intended this to be a three part story, starting on the streets of the East Village, then overlooking the city in Inwood Hill Park, ending up on the Coney Island beach—but I realize I’m far from finished and will continue to push boundaries with my work.

Overlooking  (Part 2)

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psh@cmh_11 said...

The series of Tyler photos is one of the sexiest I've seen in a long time. Great photos [Kudos to the photographer.] of a very hot "regular" guy. More please.