Friday, June 9, 2017

Just Because: Re-Visiting the Neighbours

When putting together my February 12th birthday post, I was reminded of my history with actor Jesse Spencer. Full disclosure, I have never seen a full episode of Chicago Fire. I have also never seen an episode of House, but it is on my 'to binge' at some point list. The first time I saw actor Jesse Spencer on film was in the 2003 Australian film Swimming Upstream. That wasn't when my crush on the blonde Aussie began however...

Although I had also never caught an episode of Neighbours, through message boards on the male form, I caught my first glimpse of Jesse through many scenes of Jesse from the show. Jesse was a favorite, and there were many video clips and images of Jesse from the series posted. It was lust at first sight, especially since many of the scenes included Jesse in a speedo.

The scene below was one of the first that I saw, and although the quality is poor, I am sure you can see why it was so memorable.

Jesse and his Neighbours co-stars doing The Full Monty. Check out the (not great quality) video on Youtube HERE:

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