Friday, June 9, 2017

Meat: WillOh by Adrian Lourie

'Taking it all off feels very natural to me, and I actually feel more self-conscious being photographed with my clothes on. I suppose I have no shame about my body, but also I don’t see my nudity as something which is necessarily sexual, that’s an association our culture teaches us.'

I usually like to explore the man behind the images and wouldn't be comfortable describing any 'body' as a piece of meat. Unless of course... they are the featured model in the next issue of Meatzine!. Model WillOh, who I introduced FH readers to earlier this year, (Unmasked / Unabashed) is on the cover the current issue of the on-line magazine which is available now. WillOh was shot for Meat, by publisher and photographer Adrian Lourie. 'If you’re a fan of hot guys, underpants, hairy chests, high tops, tube socks, vests, shorts or beards, meat is a for you.'

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Mark Gaulding said...

Hot man. He is also au natural (as in not-shaved). I love all of these photos.