Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Graduate: Shannon Simmons by Chris A Freeman

'Shannon came to the shoot with a cap and gown and diploma, ready to take some graduation photos you probably wouldn't show your grandmother.'

In addition to the official start of summer, the month of June also means the end of the school year, proms and Graduation ceremonies. For FH, it also means keeping an eye out for hot and talented graduates. Model Shannon Simmons certainly fits the bill on both counts, a talented musician, Shannon has been performing since the age of 13 and credits the Theatre for helping him find his creed.

'Shannon is all about music, so much so that he brought several instruments to the shoot with him. His favorite is the Sousaphone, but it was a bit cumbersome to carry from his SUV to the deck on the apartment where we were shooting.'

With all the pomp and circumstance involved in Graduations today, sometimes the ceremonies go on for hours and hours. Given he's just 20, Shannon's graduation wasn't that long ago, so he remembers that when standing for hours under the hot and muggy June sun.... wearing a little as possible under that bulky gown is a wise move. As you can see, our graduate has a incredible body, but I think that it's his beautiful brown eyes and that killer smille that really drew me in.

Shannon has a great energy and photographer Chris Freeman perfectly captured the magic of Shannon's personality and essence beyond his smokin hot physique. His experience on stage has obviously given Shannon a confidence and ease in front of the lens which translates into fun and sexy fearlessness that Chris' images beautifully display and exhibit.

'Shannon arrived on a COLD day in New Orleans, but undaunted, he made himself naked on a deck in about 50 degrees with no sun. A brave soul, he is. He wanted to capture a graduation theme--his idea, so he came with cap and gown and diploma, ready to take some graduation photos you probably wouldn't show your grandmother. . .or your mother, for that matter.'

''Shannon was not a bit shy during the shoot. He seemed to be more comfortable with less clothes on, though, admittedly, toward the end, the cold started to have its effect. Still, he held in there, aided by a cup of hot tea. One of the most interesting things about Shannon is the million facial expressions he can come up with. It seemed that we could have shot a thousand photos and every one of them would have had some nuance different in his facial expression. On top of being very photogenic and generous with his attractiveness, Shannon is a genuinely warm and personable human being. For anyone shooting in New Orleans, I highly recommend you look him up!'

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