Sunday, July 2, 2017

Beach High: Richmond by Ryan Edward Scott

'When in doubt, go to the ocean. There you will always find whatever you’ve lost in yourself.'
Robert Wyland

The 4th of July weekend always means heading to the beach. Even a man eating great white shark couldn't stop the tourists Amity Island from hitting the surf. Although I didn't make it to the beach this weekend due to it being overcast and rainy, I still made it to the waterfront to feel the salty sea air.

One of my favorite virtual beach visits last year was photographer with Ryan Edward Scott and his visit to Marshall Beach in San Francisco. I would follow Ryan 'virtually' anywhere given my love of his work, but it didn't help that his subject was the ultra hot Richmond.

Shot for the Summer Diary Project, (High by the Beach) and I love how Richmond and Ryan create a water dance with the salt water dancing in air and in the sunlight. I hope some of you got to the beach this weekend, and if not, that you enjoyed joining me in the sand virtually with Ryan's shots of Richmond.

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