Sunday, July 2, 2017


Y & R viewers have been lather lately over the Graham, the mysterious hottie whose motives have yet to be unveiled.. Is he Dina's son, her doctor, her doctor or just her sexy boy toy and arm candy. Graham, actor Max Shippee could play any of those roles with his sexy grey hair and piercing blue eyes. Although his reasons for being in town are yet to be uncovered, the show is wisely starting to get him out of his vast array of business suits.

As hot as Max looks in those suits, he looks even hotter steaming it up in the sauna. There was something familiar about the actor from the moment I saw him. I wasn't sure if it was his past work as a model, or his various roles on TV and in film.

I think it may have been his work with CrossFit where Max is both an owner, and the face and body in some of the promotion. A quick google search proved fitness is a huge part of Max's life and he there are quite a few interviews with Max discussing fitness, health and general well being. As you can see from his images, he practices what he preaches and is both an inspiring, and tantalizing visual for whatever he is selling

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous


Steam Heat

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