Thursday, September 7, 2017

Another Kick at the Bucket: James by Brett Kiellerop

'With his shaggy blond hair, handsome face, and inability to stay clothed, it was a no-brainer to hire him as an Aussie God.'

Given today's Quaternate post featured the work of New Zealand photographer Brett Kiellerop, I wanted to share some new images not previously featured on FH. Some of you might recognize James, a model I featured back in 2014. (Bucket List) I loved that getting naked for a photo shoot was on James' bucket list, and it made the perfect way to theme the piece. One of these days I'll have to start a category on the site for bucket lists as I am sure there are many guys out there who have it as something they would love to try.

Of course I also love James' shaggy and hair and and handsome face, but it was not his face that had me first interest in featuring his work. A few weeks before featuring James, I did a Halloween themed story on the blog featuring a hockey masked, Jason Voorhees themed piece featuring a naked model wearing the infamous killer's favorite fashionable face ware. (A Butchered Bared)

So... when I short while later, I saw some images of a penis poking through the eye of that hockey mask, I assumed it was Tim, the model from the Halloween themed post. I should have taken a closer look.... Although both have appealing appendages and both un-cut, Tim's was slightly thicker. A side by side comparison was certainly in order!

Although Tim wore the mask on his face, James only wore only on his penis, and I included those images the first time I profiled his work with Brett. In this set of images, Brett gives us a great variety of looks, from James on the beach and in the pool, to studio shots, and of course full body shots. He also ensured there were a couple of images featuring James' big beautiful smile!

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