Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stranger Things...

When we think of 80's hair, we usually think of women. The Farrah flip and the huge hairdo's on the Ewings and other women of prime time soap land. But on Stranger Things, it's big haired boys whose locks are using the lions share of the shows hair products.

Joe Keery

I had planned on a season two marathon when Stranger Things was released just before Halloween, but it wasn't until this past weekend that I had time to start. Four episodes in, I am as hooked as I was with season one. The entire cast is outstanding, especially actor Noah Schnapp, whose time last season in the upside down continues to haunt him.

I loved actor Joe Keery (Steve) last season, his character and looks were both unique and appealing, especially his hair, not matter how high and wide he wore it. This season, Joe is getting a little competition, and not just from Jonathan. (Charlie Heaton) Billy is new in town, and he and his mullet are giving Steve a run for their money in the hair department.

Dacre Montgomery

Dacre Montgomery is incredibly hot as Billy. Even with the mullet, bad boy Billy is highly watchable, especially as a 'skin' sparing with Steve in a shirts vs skin gym class basketball game. Just four episodes in, I am enjoying the character balance this season, and although I still miss me some Barb, the big haired boys are helping ease the pain.

Dacre getting prepped by hair department head Sarah Hindsgaul

Stranger Things

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