Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bear Suit/Bare Suit: Joe P by Studio1x

As part of this years Halloween week celebration, I featured Jim from Studio1x and a series 'bear' themed shots of Joe P. (Loaded for Bear) Jim's work with Joe included several masks and costumes, including the bear suit, supplied and styled by Visuwil Productions. I loved the shots of Joe in costume, but as promised, now that Halloween is in the rear view mirror, I wanted to feature more of Joe from the shoot.

You can see from this set of images why I was so eager to feature more of Jim's shots of Joe. Joe creates such beautiful line and curves with his body and so erotically and elegantly flows from one pose to another. Jim sent on over 500 shots from the shoot, and in almost each and every one Joe was perfectly posed. Some models just seem to know instinctively had to move gracefully into pose and how to position their neck and head and especially how to place their arms. I have seen so many shots of models that are beautiful, except for the odd, almost unnatural position of their arms.

Photographer and model first connected after Joe responded to an add that Jim had posted about doing a shoot. The communicated before the shoot about the concepts and expectations and Jim says Joe was very excited about the creative ideas they looking to bring to life.

With Joe currently without a vehicle, Jim picked him and they drove together to the home of Will Harrison (Visuwil Productions) where the shoot was due to take place.. Given the dozens of costumes and masks they were planning on incorporating, it made sense to shoot there and Jim says the walls of costumes, masks and props made it a dream location for a photoshoot.

Joe had recently moved to the United States from Costa Rica and is living with his uncle while attending college. Modeling is relatively new for Joe, especially nude modeling and Jim reports he was a bit quiet and nervous at the very beginning. As the shoot went on, and especially when he was modeling with the various costumes and masks, Jim reports he came to life, really getting into different characters with each of the different masks and costumes.

'Joe was a natural in front of the camera, the way he moved his body and his poses were all so natural. The lighting loved his body, the way it played off his muscular frame was amazing!'

Jim says his work with Joe was one of those shoots you wish didn't have to end. With Joe's natural abilities in front of the lens, and with Will there to assist with the many costumes and masks, they could have continued shooting new looks for hours. Joe seemed to feel the same way and Joe voiced his excitement about the shoot and his eagerness to see the images they had created. Another shoot is definitely in the works when their schedules connect!

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