Thursday, December 21, 2017

Chest & Nuts: Nick by Richard Rothstein

'And to be once again with you
On this winter night with you.'
Gordon Lightfoot

Earlier this month, I featured Richard Rothstein's fetchingly festive shots of Nick. Richard had one of Santa's hottest helpers assisting with his holiday and tree decorating. (Santa's 'little' Helper) Now, being the 22nd, the tree is trimmed, the halls are decked. Time of Nick, to take it easy and relax for a long winter's night Lucky that Richard has so many luxurious nooks and cranny's for an exhausted elf to take a well earned siesta.

It should not surprise you that Richard has plenty of mistletoe in every room of his home. Its not, as is usually done, hung in a door or entry way though... Richard leaves it lying around, so it's easy to grab when needed. Not sure, (ahh... yes I am) that Nick is doing it on purpose, but he seems to be seductively placing his mistletoe in area's on his body we would all love to kiss.

As the long winter's night progresses, Nick becomes restless, and his Christmas sweater (s) quickly become too itchy and hot, and it's time for skin to meet the faux fur on Richard's throw. St Nick would love a little something to nibble on, but Richard's cupboards are bare, well except for a bag of Chestnuts he bought to string on the tree.

Nick didn't really have a craving chestnuts, but he did find a way to put them to good use.

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