Saturday, April 7, 2018

Naughty by Nature: Renn by StudioMGphotography

'I'd said he didn't need to bring any clothes and he took that to heart - he had nothing with him besides the sweats and T-shirt he was wearing. I don't recall their even being any underwear.'

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to be able to feature StudioMGphotograpy's work with the incredibly hot Renn. (In His Shoes) In that piece, Mark commented that Renn reminded him of James Dean in his iconic role in Rebel Without A Cause. It was this sexy bad boy vibe that Mark was inspired to capture within the multiple locations that they shot in during their two shoots together.

I noted in the first piece that Mark was hoping to pull their work together into a book.  Now, hot off the presses, Mark released his book Renn on Blurb earlier today.  The book features images from both shoots. Maybe more naughty than bad, Mark shares that on the first shoot, Renn's girlfriend joined them, helping to inspire both Renn's energy and enthusiasm. Although she did not join Renn on the second shoot, Mark reports Renn's enthusiasm remained steady and aroused throughout. 

'Before long I noticed that if I was distracted or out of sight, the next time I looked at him he'd as often as not be smirking and have a bit of a hard on. As the shoot progressed he was wandering around hard more often than not, and it was now his girlfriend who was smirking.'

Within the many images in the closed to 50 paged book, Mark managed to capture Renn at the height and climax (twice!) of his enthusiasm. You can check out and preview Renn on Blurb HERE: If you decide to dive in and see even more of Renn, the book is available in Hardcover and with an instantly downloadable digital download version.

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