Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Christo Spyropoulos in Spiti stous vrahous

Last year, one of the themes I dove into was searching out the hunks of soft core from the 60's, 70's and 80's. I really enjoyed the deep dive, but hit a bit of coral wall in finding new subjects. Of course there are many more oceans, movies and hunks to explore and going down a little farther, I came up with this little gem from 1974.

'Eleni, the wife of a very rich man, spends the summer on an island in the Aegean Sea, doing archaeological research. One day her stepson comes to visit. The sea, the sun, the shepherds with ancient half-lingual rites, a handsome youth, not yet an old woman - no one remembered what happened in Ancient Greece.'

In 1974's Spiti stous vrahous, (House on the Rocks) Christo Spyropoulos plays the shaggy haired stepson who comes for that visit. Arriving, and finding himself alone, stepson Alexis pulls off his REALLY wide legged pants and jumps naked into the ocean. With dad away, he and step mom play and for the bulk of movie Christo is either naked, in a black speedo or completely naked swimming and playing on the incredible beautiful Island.

There are a few frontals, (see the video below) but the focus is on the beauty of the bodies interacting with their island paradise before dear old daddy arrives back home. Christo is a vision, but I couldn't find very much on the net about the actor. He does appear to have had other nude scenes in movies with wonderful titles like Love On A Horse and Naked in the Snow.

The copy I had didn't have English subtitles, but I didn't need them, the movie is a bit like a painting, the only sound really needed was the crashing of waves on the beach. There were a couple of disturbing scenes, and not ones of stepson mounting his step mother... There were a couple of animal killings, a chicken for dinner and a goat for a feast. Normally I would assume these were faked for filming, but they looked quite real and given the film was shot in the early 70's I suspect they were.

The film has a bit of a Summer Lovers vibe with the scenery and all the skinny dipping, but with a distinctly 70's vibe. I will hunt for some of Christo's other movies, but if anyone has any additional info or images, please shoot me a line!

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