Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Patio, Porch & Garden: Steven by JW Johnson

Patio, porch and Garden rules:
Read a book, Sip ice tea or coffee.
Enjoy the Seasons, Feel the Breezes

Relax? You've got to be kidding. Anyone with a patio, porch or garden know that during the spring, relaxation is an end goal. This is the time of year we look forward to getting outside, yet at the same time, dread all the work involved. Oh, to walk onto a porch and patio in May with a good book...nope. Chairs need to be brought out and washed, stones and wood swept and cleaned and those are the easy tasks. Between what winter left behind and the weeds spring has sprung, it will be August before the ice tea is poured and the new James Patterson opened.

As far as lawn and garden ornaments go however, a naked Steven would make a highly motivating visual to get the work done. If your eyes are able to expand beyond Steven's beautiful body, you'll notice a porch, patio and garden obviously loved, cared for, and my guess is, supported by more than a few handy men and gardeners. The ideal fantasy might be that Steven is one of those gardeners, one who doesn't mind you glancing up from your novel to enjoy watching as he cools off after a day of hard work.

When I was recently dove back in JW Johnson's impressive portfolio of work, I was looking for inspirational signs of spring and Steven certainly fit the bill! It was during a summer several years ago that one of JW's photographer friends recommended the hot Arkansas model to JW. After some discussion online, Steven traveled to shoot with JW in Missouri. They began the day with a few shots in JW's barn studio and ended the six hour shooting day back at the studio for some shots of Steven in fire gear.

In between the two studio shoots, they packed up a few things and drove over to a good friend of JW's farm about thirty min away. In addition to the farmhouse porch, the patio and gardens surround a beautiful in-ground pool. In addition to the beauty the lush setting offered, there was also plenty of privacy for the shoot. JW shares though that Steven wasn't too worried about privacy, nor as concerned as many models shooting fully nude, who was around, or who saw the images. JW calls describes it as a breath of fresh air working with a model so open and free about the process.

'Steven is what you would refer to as a total hunk, sexy looks and a muscular build and pleasant personality. Steven was one of the hottest guys I have ever photographed, intense eyes too...seemed to look right thru you and into your very soul... Although straight Steven could also be flirty...very casual and laid back, and had no problem shooting nude or even hard, and no problem getting hard either. A few times he seemed to read my mind and was hard before I even asked him to get hard. :)'

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