Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Contralight by Ewoud Broeksma

I have loved and been following Ewoud Broeksma's work for years, and when I recently saw his image of the climber that I used as pic of the day, I had to get in touch with him about the series. The Netherlands artist was one of the first photographers I followed when I first got on the net and had the opportunity to interview him a few yeas ago for tMF Magazine.

Ewoud's contralight series brings together my favorite elements in the photographing of the male form. Beautiful silhouettes, with extraordinary lines and curves beautifully lit to capture detail of the models face, body and skin.

To create the look, and to capture the detail Ewoud has his models posing in a blacklight, directly rflecting on a screen in front of him. Ewoud uses the light to focus on the models back, often adding water which adds both glisten and detail to focus the eye. Ewoud usually has the model hold something, something to identify their athletic pursuit or the sport that they play.

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