Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Little Taste: Duoc by MW Photo MD

'I believe that if you're comfortable with your body then you should show it off, give the viewer a little taste to make them want more.'

Although 25 year old Duoc-Thanh may not be up for his full frontal close-up just yet, that doesn't mean he's not up for pushing the envelope and pushing his boundaries within his work. The Washington model shares that right now, he tends to mostly book more risqué shoots and that's just fine with him. Duoc has a model friend who primarily books fashion shoots, buttoned up in a suit and tie. Duoc on the other hand is usually wearing much less... 'I'm more of the sexy edgy projects kind of guy. I love doing what I do and I wouldn't change it for a bit.'

For this series from Mark from MW Photo MD, Duoc didn't have to worry about being hot and sweaty in a suit, his wardrobe mostly consisted of a hat, a jock strap and of course a pair of hand cuffs. Mark discovered Duoc's portfolio while scrolling through ModelMayhem, liked his look and got in touch about scheduling a shoot together. Mark always finds it interesting to discuss shoot possibilities and ensuring the model he is working with can also get what their looking for to add to their portfolio.

With his beautifully mesmerizing brown eyes, sultry lips and face and great body, Duoc is a natural in front of the camera, however being in front of the camera wasn't his initial goal. In school, Duoc's goal was to create a career in graphic design or photography. In his attempt to learn more about the craft of photography, Duoc met a photographer who encouraged him to set in front of the lens rather than behind it.

'He said that I was a natural. One shoot led to another. As the photo shoots progressed, more clothes came off. I've always been insecure about my body growing up. Now in my young adult stage, I've been more confident. I've always been a very sexual person as well. Nudity does not scare me. I would love to make a living off my body if I could.'

'Our shoot went really well, I was looking for Duoc's input and try not to have too many set ideas in mind on how the shoot should proceed, I find it easier that way and I tend to get some nice surprises in my pics, maybe more candid than posed. I tend to get trigger happy some times as well and can take several hundred during a typical 2 hour session. I always feel like I get a good work out in during a shoot! We are working on scheduling a duo intimate shoot in the future and I think that will be a lot of fun!'

'Mark is very professional. I had a blast working with him. He makes you feel comfortable and is very open to different ideas. When I connected with Mark through Model Mayhem I noticed his work was different from what I've ever done before. I've done a couple nude shots here and there but something about Mark's work is different. There's still some vulnerability in his portfolio. There's a simplistic kind of feel with the shoots yet sexy. I love it!'

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