Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Charlie Hamblett: Ridden

If you're not watching Killing Eve yet, you should be. My addition began last Friday and I streamed through the first 8 episodes in about three days. Sandra Oh is brilliant, as is the entire supporting cast. Be warned however, the show doesn't let you relax very often, just when you think things are intense enough, another heart pounding scene begins.

In the show's second episode we're introduced to the beautiful Sebastian. (Charlie Hamblett) Sebastian lost his TV remote and is hunting through the garbage in the hope it may have ended up there. Serial killer Villanelle meant our adorable Sebastian no harm, she liked him, and rode him like she was in The Kentucky Derby. But.. the harder they ride, the harder they well...if you've seen the episode you'll know it's the scent of a woman that sometimes bring man to his knees.

Charlie by Joseph Sinclair

It was difficult finding out much about the fetching Charlie Hamblett who played Sebastian. The English actor dated Daisy Ridley for a bit, but it's been over for awhile. His IMDB resume has five credits, two being roles in new film adaptations of Shakespeare's Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream. I guessing with his talent, combined with those beautiful baby blues and luscious lips, we'll be seeing more of Mr. Hamblett in the future.

Killing Eve: I'll Deal with Him Later (2018)

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