Monday, July 2, 2018

Big Guns

Jason Canela

The Young and the Restless is certainly bringing out the big guns this week. Actor Brooks Darnell (below) joins the show as Nate, joining Jason Canela and Michael Mealor in a hunk trifecta of shirtless sumptuousness heating up Geona City this summer. That's the upside.... The downside is the shows writers seem to think a bit (ok, a lot) of skin is going to make up for weak storytelling.

While the new hunks are all appealing, they aren't as captivating as some of the shows veterans (hello Doug Davidson, Beth Maitland and Tracey E. Bregman) who have all been sidelined for the pectacular newcomers. Hey Y & R, shirtless hunks are welcome, VERY welcome, but shoving your Emmy winning veterans to the wings is not worth the overly forced 'T & A' you're shoving viewers way. Write great stories, and if a half naked (or in the case of Kyle, fully naked!) man is involved, great, but without great writing your shirtless hunks just don't satisfy.

Michael Mealor