Sunday, August 12, 2018

Optical Fusion: JoLee by MW Photo MD

'This wasn't my first time shooting nude and definitely not my last!'

One of my favorite things about working on FH is the change and progression I get to witness with favorite artists and models. I have had the opportunity to feature the first time models and photographers have shot nude, and the changes in confidence and creativity with each subsequent shoot. Early last year, I had the opportunity to feature MW Photo MD's Mark work with Andrew, the Washington photographer's first time shooting a nude model.

Sine that first piece, I have loved watching how Mark's images changed in both look and feel. Mark's work has become more nuanced, with a subtle, but distinct erotic edge. I especially love how Mark has blended in elements of fetish and bondage. Fetish themes can often overtake a shoot, and become the only focus. Mark cleverly weaves the theme into a few shot, making it a piece of the shoot and ensuring the model remains the focus.

The model in focus for this shoot is 22 year old Maryland model JoLee. In addition to his incredible body and hypnotizing brown eyes, JoLee has a sultry intensity that Mark beautifully captures. JoLee's poses have a sexy elegance which connect with Mark's lens and eye for beauty. Mark clearly felt the connection and says his shoots with JoLee is one of his favorite experiences in the studio to date.

Mark first noticed JoLee on ModelMayhem and as they started taking about shoot, Mark also check out JoLee's Instagram and really liked what he saw. JoLee shares that as soon as he and Mark began talking about working together, they began discussing concepts and themes. When they got together for the shoot, Mark says after introductions, they went right to work experimenting with different backgrounds and trying out different ideas and poses.

'JoLee was a blast to work with and brought a lot of good ideas out while we were shooting. As we shot JoLee would come up with suggestions along the way such as the ones on the carpet with the table on its side. I was able to get the lighting just right and his skin tone really popped out, it was a perfect picture shoot.'

'I was very comfortable working with Mark and that made it easier for me to get such nice images. We connected pretty quickly. Our vibes were just right for each other and I felt as though we had known each other for years. It was great working with Mark and I can't wait to work with him again. This wasn't my first time shooting nude and definitely not my last. I felt that the human body is beautiful and using nudity in photography is a raw example of expressing ones self.'

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