Sunday, August 12, 2018

Favorite Face of the Day: Duncan Black

Favorite Face? Yes, I know, (well I know now) that Duncan Black is a famous adult film star, not to mention being know as the nicest male escort ever. But... I wasn't really aware of Duncan until a week two ago when I stumbled upon the image below. While googling for a piece I was doing on 'naked men in tux's' (I know, I know..) the picture below came up. The butt was hot, but it was adorably devilish face that me googling to find out more about the man and the face.

'He’s almost too cute.'

The quote from The Daily Beast article on Duncan was just one of the many positive things said about Duncan. His body may bring them in, but it's obvious that it's that face, not to mention Duncan's interaction with his followers, that have helped make him so popular.  Those baby blues and that smile are a winning combination.

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