Friday, November 30, 2018

Jedidiah Goodacre: Welcome the newest Dorian Gray

There have been many Dorian Gray's on-screen, and actor Jedidiah Goodacre seems the perfect addition to add to the list.  The former Disney actor has taken on the iconic role in season two of Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and me thinks he's going to give Ross Lynch's Harvey Kinkle a run for his money.

His name, as you can see from these images, isn't the only thing incredibly sexy about the 29 year old actor.  That head of hair, not to mention the hair flowing down his chest and stomach.  Unlike his shirtless scenes in The Originals, let's hope the producers of Sabrina don't force him to shave! 

The Originals (2018)

If There Be Thorns (2015)

Goodacre in The Recall (2017)

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