Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quaternate: New Manhattan Studios

Favorite Four

New Manhattan Studio's Wes has become one of my favorite artists to collaborate with. Wes not only shares his incredible imagery, he also shares the story behind the process of his work, from his first contact with models through the final edited images. Wes goes above and beyond, creating video's and image presentations exclusively for FH, giving readers a complete visual experience. I have always loved behind the scenes shots, and Wes has created some of my all time favorites. It was his behind the scenes images of his assistant Alex working with Bond this past Autumn that inspired Behind The Scenes as my theme for FH for 2015. Wes strives for greatness and seems to top himself with each shoot and model he generously shares. Has me always looking forward to what's coming next!

New Manhattan Studios

Skull & Bonds
Bond: Tease Me, Please Me
Bond, A New York Return
Preantepenultimate: Bond

Timothy: The Devil's Advocates
Zach: Bathtubs & Balconies
Gabriel: Tight Ship
Marco: Viva l'Italia!
Alex: Shenanagans
Bond: Rope Ballet
Enwrapped in Red
Enwrapped in Red: Coda
Bond: Private Portfolio 2
Marco: A Consuming Coiffure
NMS: First Crack At It

Norm: End of the Party
When Santa's Away
When Models Go Mad:
Handsome Devils: Behind the Scenes
Bond: Predominate, 10
Alex: Predominate, 10
Bond: Chlorine Dreams
Bond: Dark Showers
For A Small Fee in America
Ricardo: Dark & Stormy
Ricardo: Propped
Alex: Los Colombian Leprechaun
Norm: The Red Session
Norm: Heart Throb, Behind the Scenes
Alex: A Man for All Seasons
Alex & Bond: A Stylish Pair
Alex: En Estilo
Alex: The Importance of Detail
Alex: The Studio's Most Photographed Model

Bond: Bountiful Harvest
Thanks For Giving
Bond: Black to Bond
Beached Bond
Alex: The Purple Shirt
Luca: Dancer on the Paper
Made In Italia
Matteo: Hunk in the Family
Luca: With Just His Body
Willi: In Motion
Willi: Private Valley
Bond: Curtain Call
Bond: A Valentine Unattire
Bond: Behind the Scenes




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