Sunday, September 16, 2018

Stand Out: David by Anthony Timiraos

'I especially love the breadth of diversity Anthony captures. Diversity, not just of race and ethnicity, but diversity of age, body type, and maybe most significant, diversity of culture.'

The line above was part of the forward I was privileged to write for Anthony Timiraos' first book, expose. It was the visual beauty and breadth of diversity that first struck me when browsing the many models and shoots on Anthony's on-line portfolio. Diversity has also been front and center in the featured models Anthony showcases on his site, and in the models Anthony has shared with myself and readers of FH.

Each of the shoots I have featured have highlighted models of different ages, body types and ethnicity. Models as diverse as 22 year old Elo through my last piece featuring Rixio, the 49 year old retired Venezuelan model. If you don't remember Rixio, check out his piece, (A Rousing Retire) as he also played a role in Anthony's work with David.

David was first referred to Anthony by a previous model who was also a fried of David's. David initially contacted Anthony about the second book he is working on, and wondered if Anthony would be interested in including a model of 'a certain age', and not 26, the age of the model that referred David to him. It's funny, when anyone says of 'a certain age', one automatically thinks of experience, but we also think old. There is nothing remotely old about David. Although he turned 50 a couple of years ago, David's goal is to look better than he did in his 30's, and as you can clearly say, he's more than succeeding.

'I looked at his Instagram pictures and immediately scheduled time to meet in the studio. As you know, my goal is to include models of a wide range of ages, body types, skin tones, backgrounds and personalities. David’s look is a perfect addition to my next book. His well proportioned muscular body combined with a salt & pepper/silvery-gray hair makes him stand out on paper. He also has a personality that makes anyone want to cuddle with him.'

I'm not sure 'cuddling' is the first adjective that came to mind for me, especially given how much heat and sensuality the Navy veteran and former certified trainer brings to his work in front of the camera. David describes his two photoshoots (this being the first) with Anthony as wonderful experiences and describes the Florida photographer as both professional and open minded. 'He is open for input but also has a vision.' Anthony's vision is clearly to have every model who steps in front of his lens to be the object of lust, desire, not to mention the odd sensual cuddle!

Speaking of cuddling... David's second time in front of Anthony's lens included some cuddling of sorts, with Rixio. Check our more from their duo shoot, on Page 2 HERE:

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