Sunday, January 20, 2019

Just Because: John Mulaney

There's something about comedian John Mulaney I find incredibly sexy.  Tall, thin, smart and incredibly hilarious.  He also reminds me of a slightly older Grant Gustin.  Although Mulaney has been in show business for awhile as a writer, actor and comedian, I really only took notice last year.

It was Mulaney's 2018 appearance on Saturday Night Live that had my crush begin, and my hunt to see more of his work.  His SNL opening had me in laughing out loud, funny, and incredibly witty and original.  I think it was the most laughter SNL gave me all last season.

SNL (2018)

As for this season, I got my biggest laughs this past week when Mulaney joined Pete Davidson on Weekend Update.  Weekend Update has become one of the weakest parts of the show.  I used to find Colin Jost and Michael Che funny, but lately (the EMMY'S anyone????) have really lost their mojo. It may be fatigue with Trump and political humour, or that the show usually hits the news in the cold open, leaving Update to repeat or joke about issues people have already sickened of.

SNL (2019)

Last night however, With Mulaney and Davidson, weekend was a highlight, their review of Clint Eastwood's Mule had me laughing again and wondering.. did the almost 90 year old Eastwood really give himself two threesomes in the film?

The 24 Hour Musicals

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