Friday, February 22, 2019

Age of Opportunity: Matt by Steve Jerome

'Matt was fond of nudity and loved being in front of the camera.'

So many of life's milestones are marked by age.  At 16, most of us headed directly to the DMV.  At 18, some, but far too few of us, voted for the first time.  At 21, (19 in Canada) most of us took our first (legal) drink of alcohol.

Traditionally these age related events have marked important points in growing up.  As time goes on however, and with technology becoming a more invasive part of our lives, these milestone dates have become blurred.  Not everyone waits until they're of legal age to try certain things.  Most of us tried alcohol and weed years before our 21st birthday.

In most places, you must be 18 to pose without clothing,.  With everyone though having cell phones, and the ability to take selfies, the issue has become muddied. Although mental maturity isn't necessarily connected to age, given the ramifications, and potential risks to future careers goals, having a minimum age of 18 has been a useful way to ensure fewer models get in over their heads before they're ready.

There are many models who are eager, and anticipate their 18th birthday in order to step in front of the lens, step in front of an artist or art class, and begin making money from their love of being naked.  Although posing in front of others might be a terrifying experience for some, for others, it's an exciting and stimulating part of who they are and how they express themselves.  Matt was one of those models.

'Matt came to me on his 18th birthday and said he was interested in doing nude photos. As I do with everyone, I asked a slew of questions to make sure he was not doing it for the wrong reasons.'

Not all photographers are as respectful as Steve Jerome, but Steve is always careful when shooting a model nude, especially a new model, shooting nude for the first time.  Steve takes the time to go over the process, how the images will be used, and the possible ramifications.  With Matt, there wasn't a hint of hesitation.   Even so, given it was his first time shooting nude, after the shoot, Steve said he'd process the shots, show them to Matt but not post anything in case he had a change of heart.  As you can see, he didn't, in fact Matt called Steve a few days after that first shoot, wanting to do another.

'Matt was a high school football quarterback who was living in a military town at the time, Matt knew what he wanted and was confident in himself. We forged a friendship that lasted for several years. He eventually became a father, worked a construction job, and we eventually lost touch.  Hopefully someday we'll reconnect and he'll return for another shoot!'


Anonymous said...

SEXY GUY!!! I am glad that he wanted to be photographed nude at 18. With all the guys doing selfies out there, they aren't as afraid of nudity.

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