Monday, October 22, 2018

Artemis: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

Moon goddess! 
Selene, Luna, Artemis

As Richard Rothstein continues to build his homonormative narrative, creating his own visions of fairy tales and legends, it makes sense the Greek Goddess Artemis would be one of the legends he brings back to life through his imagery.  The Goddess of Light and the moon, especially the crescent or 'new' moon.

Protector of the vulnerable, Artemis had the divine duty of illuminating the darkness and although loving and caring, Artemis could also be vengeful and impulsive in her desire bring light in the dark.  Sergey has been a central part of Richard's vision and theme and is the perfect model to inhabit the the strength, humanity and sensuality that Artemis possessed.  Sergey has the unique ability to inhabit the emotions and characteristics of whoever he is portraying and I cant wait to see who's next! 

Check out more of Sergey dancing in the moonlight on Page 2 HERE:

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