Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Comfort Zone: Ian by JW Johnson

'After a hard day's work,
There's one thing to be certain of, 
This ol' familiar love'

I don't know about you, but for me, comfort means familiar.  I know may people feel they can't waste their time watching a movie they've already seen, or read a book they've already read.  For me, those are not only great sources of comfort, but also a sure thing.  Those who remember the days of Blockbuster video, also remember renting two or three movies on a Friday night.  Often, you never got to that third film, and many times, you either didn't enjoy the movies, or turned one of them off after about 15 minutes.

In my life, especially right now, I don't have the time to invest in anything that might be a waste of time.  I love watching old movies that I know I'm going to enjoy.  I love re-watching episodes of Schitt's Creek and other comedies that I know will lighten my spirits, and I love opening a book I'm familiar with, with characters and stories that engage me no matter how many times I visit.

One of my favorite 'comfort' artists is JW Johnson.  For many reasons, JW's work always makes me feel both like I'm visiting something that's always erotically familiar.  In part, it's the locations.  JW has shot hundreds, maybe thousands of different models, but so many of the shoots took place in the studio, with leather and wood, the gardens I've come to love, and the barn, I'd love to walk out and visit.

Although JW still shoots, with recent shoots featured on his site.  I usually end up bugging him about an older shoot, usually because of one image that triggered my interest.  With Ian it was a beautiful shot in the garden.  Although it was immediately clear that Ian had an incredible body, it was the tranquility I felt as I stared at this beautiful naked man surrounded by flowers and greenery that had me asking JW about Ian.

JW is always supportive of my featuring his imagery, but he was worried his shots of Ian looked too much like porn images form the 70's.  I would say, they look more 90's, but as many FH readers know, I love images of men from the 70's.  In truth, JW's work with Ian is much more current, having shot the up and coming model and actor in the 2000's.  Back then, JW worked with a producer who was always looking to JW, and his images, to find upcoming talent.  He certainly saw something he liked in JW's shots of Ian.

'Ian was definitely a natural at posing, I didn't have to give him much instruction at all and I think the rest of the photographers he worked with said the same thing. I had a couple of photographer / producer friends fighting over him at one point, wanted him to move to Chicago and shoot with them only, but Ian was pretty loyal and decided to stay in the St Louis area and travel back and forth, and keep his options open for more work with other friends of mine. :)'

'If I had to describe him in 3 words, it would be ONE SWEET GUY, one of very few guys with manners, respect & concern for others, and just always sweet to work with, besides gorgeous as could be.'

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