Saturday, April 25, 2020


Morten Harket

Take on me (Take on me)
Take me on (Take on me)
I'll be gone in a day or two

JD Roberts (then & now)

I sometimes forget the White House reporter for FOX was once a childhood crush.  Maybe it's because he's working for FOX, but Canadian born John Roberts also previously worked for CNN and CTV in Canada.  Those of you who got Much Music in the eighties might remember John, then billed as JD, was one of the music networks first hots in the late eighties.

While recently searching for images for another post, I came across and shot of JD with the Norwegian band Aha.  Reminded me of my mini crush on singer Morten Harket.  Also reminded me that no matter how many times I see Roberts questioning the orange goon on TV, I continue to find it difficult to connect him to those days on Much Music.  He's a competent reporter, but my disdain for all things FOX news related cloud my ability to truly appreciate his work.

Aha (then & now)

JD & Aha

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