Saturday, April 18, 2020

Back Issues: ViVa: February / March 1974

Last month, I featured the December 1973, and January 1974 issues of the vintage women's magazine Viva. (HERE:) Today, I'm spotlighting the next two issues from February and March 1974. Check out the main men from each issue on PAGE 2 HERE:

'You Make Love...
The City is your Stage!

Before hitting page 2, I wanted to share this pictorial from the March issue. I love male/female pictorials from old magazines from seventies and eighties. Growing up, most of the male/female pictorials I saw in magazine had, well, let's just say a harder edge. I actually prefer these sets that are almost G rated by today's standards. This set, The New York Story, was shot by J. Frederick Smith. Although rather tame, it's also visually really sexy and fun.

I'm a romantic. I'm in love with the idea of love. I'm in love with the mystery of love. It's an adventure without end. New York is the perfect city for lovers. It's not the beautiful, magical city that Paris might be, or Rome or Venice, but it has a magic of it's own.

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