Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Student Bodies

'The calendar has become an annual event within RAG's fundraising, due to the pure enthusiasm of the student body'


Bristol Rag 2007
Photography by Jamie Corbin

Over the last seven months, I've enjoyed sharing images (HERE:) from MichaelAndrews73a's fantastic, and massive Calendar Men site. (HERE:)  Thus far, I've mostly posted only images of naked men, but this series from issues from the Bristol Rag calendars are clearly and beautifully co-ed.


Bristol Rag 2018
Photography by Bryan Wong

The University of Bristol is a red brick research university in Bristol, England and has put together naked calendars for charity for over a decade.   Although all of the students, both male and female, are discreetly covered, they are all also nude.  I found myself really enjoying the inclusion of both sexes, and the added element of erotic intensity it provides.

I've done a lot of pieces with the cfnm theme, and of a group of clothed individuals with a single nude male model.  Although all of the Bristol students are equally vulnerable, there is an added element of both erotic tension and risk with getting naked in front of your peers of both sexes.



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