Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Golden Egg: Jacob by Studio1x


When I was growing up, money was tight.  We always had enough, but just barely enough.  If I or my siblings ever thought there might be a little extra, holidays always swung us quickly back to reality.  Halloween meant my mom reminding us that we couldn't afford to buy a costume.  She would sew us something.  Christmas meant reminders that we each would receive one main gift. There was of course also usually socks and underwear and a book or candy from our great aunt.

For Easter, there were never any new clothes or toys.  Even growing up in the eighties, many parents went overboard at Easter.  I remember looking out the window on Easter morning and seeing neighborhood kids wizz by on their bright shiny new bikes.   For us, Easter meant we be receiving the same two things.  A handful of those gross, overly-sugary, marshmallow eggs, and the big gift.  That consisted of one piece of chocolate, usually in the form of a bunny or a large golden egg.

When I saw the large golden egg featured in this series of images, I was immediately taken back to early Easters, and my love of our 'big gift', the large chocolate golden egg.  I wasn't one to scarf down my candy,   I savored it, sometimes hoarding it for months in my bedroom closet.

I enjoyed looking at the shiny gold wrapper, smelling the chocolate, and then finally breaking into it, and eating slowly.  I eat that golden chocolate egg over weeks, sometimes even months. The impact of getting just one piece of chocolate suck with me. Even today, if I buy a bag of mini Kit Kat bars over Halloween, there are usually still some left by the time Christmas roles around, sometimes, even in to the new year.

For this shoot, the lucky receiver of the shiny golden egg is Jacob.  Some of you may remember being introduced to Jacob last summer, in a stunning series of images hot out in a beautiful open field. (HERE:)  It was Jacob's initiation that led to this shoot, and the previous shoot with Jim from Studio1x.  Jacob originally reached out to Jim after one of his friends tagged him in a post Jim had made looking for models.  They kept in touch after that initial shoot and Jacob reached out earlier this year about getting together to create again.  Jim thought Jacob would be perfect for the Easter shoot he was planning.

'Easter is the one time of year it's safe to put all your eggs in one basket.'

'Jacob had to work late the night before so he only had a couple of hours of sleep. He is so prompt, he showed up an hour early cause he didn’t want to be late. He rested while I worked with the model before him.'

'This extra time gave us time to get caught up before we started, I find myself building strong friendships with many of my models. The studio I had rented was beautiful and was very happy with the results from our shoot. Jacob once again did a fantastic job and his recent hard work in the gym really showed!'

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