Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Blake Shinn: Unbridled

'I was more worried about winning the race. My pants went just after the start and there was nothing I could do.'
Blake Shinn

'Riding Miss Royale, Shinn suffered an unfortunate trouser malfunction just after the start of the first race at Canterbury but managed to keep things together until the race got serious in the final stages and he was in contention. Throwing everything at his mount to try to catch the leader, Defender, Shinn finished second with his pants around his knees, to the amusement of fans at the track and watching on TV.

Appropriately-named Modesty finished third behind Shinn and the happiest jockey after the race was Tommy Berry on the winner: “What a great race to win. It meant I was the only one that didn’t have to stare at Blake’s aas the whole way up the straight.'

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