Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Jon Voight in The All-American Boy

'Vic Bealer, a young boxer from a small town in Texas who is known by his ring name The Bomber, is seemingly on his way to big things, undefeated as an amateur and a possibility to make the U.S. Olympic boxing team. Without explanation, Vic walks away from it all, including his family, his fiancee and his fighting career. Disaffected and disillusioned, he enters into relationships with small-town girls Janelle and Drenna, while trainer Arty wonders if the Bomber will ever return.'

Although I loved Jon Voight in The Deer Hunter, I haven't really been a close follower of his career. I watched that film years ago basically to complete my viewing of Meryl Streep films. Jon was incredibly hot, especially during the 60's and 70's, but when I think of Jon Voight naked, which I do from time to time... I only have one film, Midnight Cowboy as a reference.

A few weeks ago I noticed TCM was airing The All-American Boy from 1973. I PVR'd the film in the hopes there might have been a little seventies skin. For me, seventies skin means tan lines, really white butts and lots of bush. The film included two nudes scenes from Voight and although it was his female co-star who had the bright white butt, Voight's bush was shown in one long lingering scene.

I believe there may have also been a very brief frontal when Voight stood up, but the only copy I could find was a low resolution copy on Youtube. I was going to buy one, but they were about eighty bucks on Amazon. If I find a higher resolution copy, I'll update the caps. The movie lived up to the tile though, with an all American feel of small town life and the gifts and limits living their implies.

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