Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Quaternate: studioAtruong

Favorite Four:

The artistry of studioAtruong burst onto FH in December of 2013. With a hat-trick of posts featuring photographer Alain's incredible work and images of Joey. Alain's images were a high point in ending 2013 on the blog, and also a great way to start 2014. I have featured Alain's dramatic and sensual imagery throughout the past year and I look forward to continuing to do so in 2015. Thank you Alain!

Joey: Overalls
Joey: Figure & Form
Joey: Hat-Trick

Zach: Spark
Zach: Taking To His Bed
Peter: All The World's A Stage
Shine & Rise:
Laifster: Perfectly Oblivious
Bathe & Bedtime:
Laifster: Wrapped


Andrew: Perfetto
Andrew: Pump
Felix: Grey Area
Cody: Ahead of the Curves

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